Elite Package

When your business is ready to take 'the next step', Rue Du Marais is ready with the most advanced tools and programming needed to create a fully functional, e-commerce website.

We understand there are sophisticated businesses and ventures that require the most advanced tools to function properly. We've created our Elite website package with this in mind. 

The purpose is to give you the necessary tools to make your business grow and increase revenue by adding e-commerce technology. This is having an inventory, shopping cart, shipping and monetary transactions all on your site. No need to hassle with third parties for various services and provisions. 

Hey, we hate difficult and are pretty sure you would be too. So we commit to building a website which will allow you to not have to worry about one more thing. 

Our Elite package is designed for advanced established businesses in need of advanced tools and programming which will allow them to deliver a powerful message and experience to their users. 

No website is to big when it comes the technology we can provide. So if you have a specific need, count on us to get it done. We've tried to include basically every feature to some extent so you get the best well rounded package with out needing to pay more for 'this and that'.

You're serious about your business, so are we. And we understand that the only way for us to succeed is if you do first. And this is what we had in mind when we created this package. Call or click today to find out more on how our powerful websites and hosting gives you what you need. 

What you get

  • up to 40 pages
  • 10 email accounts 
  • Custom contact form
  • Advanced SEO programming
  • SEM and PPC campaigns
  • Responsive Tehcnology
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Add/Delete any feature

Content Pages

Content pages allow you to showcase anything and everything. They are the core of your website. With 40 pages to work with, space is not an issue, and managing your content becomes easier. 

All of our website are designed to support various features that are essential to you and your project. From special formats to video embedding, you get them all. Add that to knowing you have virtually total liberty in choosing the layout of your page, and suddenly the world has open up!

We'll help you map out your website in the most efficient way to provide your users the best experience while on your site. We really care about image, so you know you'll get a beautiful design with which you and your audience will be happy. 

Personalized email accounts

Imagine launching your business or website and asking people to contact you at "mybusiness@yahoomail.com"... Not very trustworthy huh? Neither is it professional. We understand that. So even with our most basic website, we'll include 10 email accounts for you and your employees and associates  so you never have to go through that embarrassing moment. 

Having branded email accounts creates trust and professionalism and allows you audience to feel confident when interacting with you. It also shows you are serious abut what you're doing. 

Our email service allows you to link your account with your normal Gmail (or other provider) account so you have everything in one place. Or you can use our platform too. With virtually unlimited storage, and a secure connection, you know your data is safe. You also get technical support and help setting your account up. 

Custom Contact form

Having a contact form allows you to engage with your clients or customers in an effective and secure way. It also helps you to keep in touch with users of your website.

Our custom contact forms allow you to ask for specific fields of data and gather the information you need. By adding smart fields and captcha generators, all information is kept secure and private. It's a powerful tool that also provides a secure way for the end user too. All information gathered will go directly to you and Rue Du Marais does not sell or use it in any way and is kept private and secure. It also allows you to keep essential contact information without the risk of losing any of it. 

The information is sent to you via email and is also stored in our backup servers. Imagine 24/7 contact with your users.

Advanced SEO

Search engine optimization is a must in today's search engine driven market. How do people find you or know about you if you are not searchable? Sadly a lot of websites suffer from this because they are not setup in a way big search engines like Google or Bing can categorize and rank them. 

Rue Du Marais specializes in SEO so you can rest assured your website will be fully optimized and kept up to date in virtual 'real-time'. We will also provide custom advanced reports showing you what's going on so you also have the ability to make informed decisions and steer your website in the right direction. You set your goals and we'll help you get there. With comprehensive data analysis, and concise reporting, you get a fascinating summary of behavioral trends and insight on how to bring more customers to your business. 

You can find out more in our SEO page, and can always send us any questions anytime. 

SEM and PPC marketing

At Rue Du Marais we know marketing. And we love the challenge of helping our clients reach their goals. We have extensive knowledge of Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns, so we can take over this important task so you can focus on key aspects of your business. 

With constant campaign monitoring and assessments, we make sure you meet your ROI and goals. We work in tandem with you and provide in-depth reports which allow you to make informed decisions. 

Online marketing has never been easier, stress free and fun. 

Responsive Technology

With our advanced responsive technology, your website will automatically adjust to the screen of the users device, giving them the best view and navigation layout possible. It creates ease of use even on smart phones so your clients never leave your site out of frustration of not being able to get what they needed.

You can find out more about how responsive technology helps your business grow at our RT page. And remember we are always here for you so drop us a line or give us a call and we'' answer any question for you. 

Social Media Marketing

Neglecting social media today would be like wanting to fish without a hook. At Rue Du Marais, we specialize in running social media marketing campaigns integrating advertisements, affiliate programs and pay-per-click tools provided by social media platforms. 

Marketing on its own is quite the beast, so we know adding social media on top of that could result in efforts to thinly spread out when there isn't a dedicated marketing department. That's why we take over and help you manage your marketing campaigns successfully. 


We like to think of E-commerce as the "Motherload". What better than making money while you sleep? Our e-commerce feature integrates seamlessly on your website so your customers can do everything in one visit. No need to deal with third party providers. 

With E-commerce you can manage your own inventory, manage taxes, shipping costs, discounts, coupons and many other features which turn your website into a virtual store. 


Add or delete any feature

At Rue Du Marais we know every client is different and has different needs and goals. So even though we've created standard packages which make it easy for most of our clients to chose what's right for them, we are always open to going over your specific needs. 

This means you can always add or delete features or services to get the right tools for your website and always at the right price. Custom packages are an everyday thing for us too so don't hesitate to ask about a specific project. We know we only succeed when you do, so we'll always try our best to find the solution for you. 

Other things to consider
  • Do you own your domain? 
    If not, consider having a couple of options in case the name you had in mind is not available.
  • Domains are licensed for a period of time only with the option to renew. Most common cycles are 1 or 5 years. This represents an additional charge for the client.
  • Unless you plan to host your website somewhere else, hosting fees apply ($120/month for advance content websites)
  • Do you have a logo? 
    We do provide design services but costs are separate from website building fees. 
  • Do you already have content?
    Our turnaround for standard websites is generally 5 weeks, when we are provided all the copy write and reviews are done on a timely manner. You can always modify your copy afterwards. 
  • Additional work and programming is done on an 'as-needed' basis and charged 'per hour'.
  • Marketing campaigns require additional investments by the client. 
  • We have special pricing for different types or organizations. Click here to find out more.

Call or click with any questions. Our goal is to help you find the right tools for your project. We would love to sit down with you and go over your options.