Affordable Prices

We understand every business has its own needs. So we only find it fair to find the right solutions at the best price. Anything from a simple landing page to a fully functioning E-commerce mobile site can be done. So lets find the right tools for you!

Even though websites are readily available to virtually anyone these days, at Rue Du Marais we believe in quality over pretty much anything. So we strive to make great looking websites and provide all the necessary tools for our clients. And our second focus is on local! 

Because we know our clients are in the process of becoming big, we offer the most competitive websites and tools at affordable prices. Why? Because we believe in the start-ups, in fact we were once one too. We have an interest in helping our communities so we start by helping you and your business! 

What We Do

This is how we believe we do things better.

  • We don't mark up our products and services
  • We know local
  • We listen
  • We work with you
  • We want you to succeed!

The Competition

What we've avoided doing.

  • Work for the profit
  • Overpriced
  • They want to succeed
  • It's their way or...
  • Too busy to help

We've setup 3 comprehensive website packages that we've found accommodate most of our clients. By offering our features and programming grouped up we are able to give you the right tools for your business and we can cut some of our costs as well. 

But, this does not mean you're locked down with something you don't want. We understand every business is different in nature and need. For this reason we are 100% open to listening to you and offering the right services at the right price. So if you have any questions on how we can create a custom package for you, or include/exclude any items from our current packages to better fit your business and budget, don't hesitate to call or email us. We mean it! We'll listen to your needs and work with you to get your project going!


We offer 3 'ready to go' packages which include some of our most popular features and we've priced them thinking of you. You can check out either of them and determine if they're right for you. 

BasicStandard Elite


If our packages aren't exactly what you're looking for, don't worry. We'd love to go over what you need for your business or project and we'll make sure you reach your goal. No question is a bad one, in fact, not asking would be the only bad thing here. Call or click. We're excited to help you get going in the online world! 


Special pricing

We are passionate about helping out special projects aimed to better our society and communities, that's why we at Rue Du Marais have decided to give these special projects a helping hand with some great discounts. 

If you are setting up a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental, community oriented, social cause or awareness organization and need to establish a relationship with your audience, we are here to help! Check out our 'Special Pricing' section to find out more about our discounted prices and how we can help you.

Special Pricing