Basic Package

Having a website allows you to reach a worldwide audience world wide with just a click. It allows you to express or show something in your unique way. We help you establish dynamic and meaningful relationships with innovative personalized website designs. 

Our website designs are as unique as you are because we focus on what you want and custom build them for you. We strive to personalize it as much as possible so you are happy and satisfied with the end result. 

Don't think that because you only need a basic website you won't get a beautifully designed product. We never compromise style. We believe your website should reflect upon you or your project. 

Creating a 'basic' website does not mean you're compromising on design or functionality. We simply have created a package that fits a lot of clients. It's designed to give you the necessary tools to accomplish your goals with your project, organization or business. 

With up to 10 pages of content, fully custom features, unique design and a state of the art yet easy to use platform, you might almost say there is nothing 'basic' about it. Plus you have the added benefit of being able to add any specific service or feature individually to help keep costs under budget. 

It's our way of helping you get a professional website at a fair price. 

What you get

  • up to 10 pages
  • 2 email accounts 
  • Basic contact form
  • Basic SEO programming
  • Premier hosting
  • Personal editing access
  • On-site Blog
  • Tech support
  • Add/Delete any feature

Content Pages

Content pages allow you to showcase anything and everything. They are the core of your website. And even though '10 pages' sound like a small amount, it actually is quite a lot of space to fill. 

All of our website are designed to support various features that are essential to you and your project. From special formats to video embedding, you get them all. Add that to knowing you have virtually total liberty in choosing the layout of your page, and suddenly the world has open up!

We'll help you map out your website in the most efficient way to provide your users the best experience while on your site. We really care about image, so you know you'll get a beautiful design with which you and your audience will be happy. 

Personalized email accounts

Imagine launching your business or website and asking people to contact you at ""... Not very trustworthy huh? Neither is it professional. We understand that. So even with our most basic website, we'll include 2 email accounts so you never have to go through that embarrassing moment. 

Having branded email accounts creates trust and professionalism and allows you audience to feel confident when interacting with you. It also shows you are serious abut what you're doing. 

Our email service allows you to link your account with your normal Gmail (or other provider) account so you have everything in one place. Or you can use our platform too. With virtually unlimited storage, and a secure connection, you know your data is safe. You also get technical support and help setting your account up. 

Contact form

Having a contact form allows you to engage with your clients or customers in an effective and secure way. It also helps you to keep in touch with users of your website.

A basic contact form allows you to receive text from people on your site with out them having to call or email directly. It's a powerful tool that also provides a secure way for the end user too. It will only collect basic information of which Rue Du Marais does not sell or use in any way and is kept private and secure. It also allows you to keep essential contact information without the risk of losing any of it. 

The information is sent to you via email and is also stored in our backup servers. Imagine 24/7 contact with your users.


Search engine optimization is a must in today's search engine driven market. How do people find you or know about you if you are not searchable? Sadly a lot of websites suffer from this because they are not setup in a way big search engines like Google or Bing can categorize and rank them. 

Rue Du Marais specializes in SEO so you can rest assured your website will be fully optimized even with our basic programming. We will also provide reports showing you what's going on so you also have the ability to make informed decisions and steer your website in the right direction. We realize it's important for you to reach your target audience and this is why we make sure to include this essential service with our websites. 

You can find out more in our SEO page, and can always send us any questions anytime. 


Building a website is not the last step to getting it on the web. But rather than sending you alone to find someone to host your website, we include this service with our websites. This is the most efficient way to build a website since you wont have to deal with multiple providers or play broken phone for that matter.

Our hosting service uses one of the most reliable servers in the world which companies like Adobe, Volkswagen, NBC and Redbull to drop a few names. So you know you won't have "server down" time ANYTIME. And the best part is the price! There is no setup fee when we build your website, and then it's a very affordable and competitive $40 per month for 5gb of cloud storage and the peace of mind of knowing your website will always be up and running. 

Personal editing access

Can you imagine having to contact someone to modify existing content? What if an idea comes in the middle of the night? Lose inspiration? We say NO! We give all of our customers the ability to change modify or create new content on their websites. It empowers you to have control and not have to depend on others to do simple yet important changes. 

Don't worry about your site though... you wont mess anything up, we promise. If there is anything structural or that requires programming we are here to help. But you'll  have total control over key elements relevant to your business or organization. We also use the best platforms to ensure you have easy access and maneuverability on your site. 

On-site Blog

Definitively one of our most popular features on our websites, on-site blogging gives you the seamless experience of having your own blog on your site without having to mess around with third party providers. It also allows you to maintain a uniform and consistent design throughout your website. 

Our blog is completely interactive and social media ready so you can attach it to any network with ease. It also allows you to use special features like adding media and embedding videos from other sites as well as videos hosted by you. This powerful tool keeps your audience engaged and the best part is you have total control over it. Write whatever, whenever, and let your audience reach you on your website directly. Win-Win. 

Tech Support

Having reliable tech support is essential for your peace of mind and knowing that issues can be resolved easily and in a timely manner. Rue Du Marais is always there for you! 

It's our commitment to resolve issues fast so you don't have to worry about it and can focus on important aspects of your business. So rest assured, we've got you covered.

Add or delete any feature

At Rue Du Marais we know every client is different and has different needs and goals. So even though we've created standard packages which make it easy for most of our clients to chose what's right for them, we are always open to going over your specific needs. 

This means you can always add or delete features or services to get the right tools for your website and always at the right price. Custom packages are an everyday thing for us too so don't hesitate to ask about a specific project. We know we only succeed when you do, so we'll always try our best to find the solution for you. 

Other things to consider
  • Do you own your domain? 
    If not, consider having a couple of options in case the name you had in mind is not available.
  • Domains are licensed for a period of time only with the option to renew. Most common cycles are 1 or 5 years. This represents an additional charge for the client.
  • Unless you plan to host your website somewhere else, hosting fees apply ($40/month for basic website)
  • Do you have a logo? 
    We do provide design services but costs are separate from website building fees. 
  • Do you already have content?
    Our turnaround for basic websites is generally 5-7 business days, when we are provided all the copy write and reviews are done on a timely manner. You can always modify your copy afterwards. 
  • We have special pricing for different types or organizations. Click here to find out more.
  • Ads.
    Don't worry... it's actually not that bad. In order to keep our cost down, our basic websites contain 2-3 strategically placed ads that do not interfere with your content. 

Call or click with any questions. Our goal is to help you find the right tools for your project. We would love to sit down with you and go over your options.