Knowing and understanding how online media works and transforms allows Rue Du Marais to help local businesses keep up with the pace and increase their business with the best marketing tools available.

Online Marketing is the absolutely necessary tool to get you out into the public. It used to be that you simply paid for an add in either print audio or visual media and you'd reach your potential customers. But in today's ever changing fast-paced world, it takes a little bit more to get ahead in the game.

With almost 80%* of potential users looking up what they need online, you need to make sure you are "searchable" on the most popular search engines and social media platforms as well as in other strategic places that will allow your potential clients to find you over your competitors. However figuring this out and implementing marketing campaigns and strategies can be very time consuming and distracting.

That's why Ru Du Marais goes a step further and offers you solutions to market your business so you can focus on your work. We will optimize all of your marketing avenues so you are not cluttered with strategies that sound nice but do nothing to reach your goals.

 Having "just" a website is no longer enough these days. So how do you get your name out there? Appear on Google or Bing and Rank higher than your competition, let alone how do people find YOU?

How we help

Programming and managing your website correctly is the first step to getting your name out to potential customers and is also the most cost effective. Optimizing your content and website allows "organic" searchers to find you without additional marketing expenses. It also makes you searchable and allows people to better find and identify your business and work.
It's common to hear that "anyone can make a website these days", or better yet, "get your free website here!". Oh if only it was that simple! It is true that having a website is more accessible, but not all websites are created equal. At Rue Du Marais we implement clean, user friendly, beautiful designs that allow you to present yourself with elegance and professionalism. It also builds trust with your clients. And by implementing 'Responsive Technology' we ensure that any user on virtually any device can interact freely and positively with your business.
After getting the SEO straight, you can go a step further and invest in the thriving world of Search Engine Marketing. But again, it's not that easy. Rue Du Marais Specializes in efficient marketing campaigns that adhere to your expected ROI. We take these campaigns personally because after all we want you to succeed! We'll monitor your campaigns like a hawk and relay vital information in simple yet concise layouts so you only have to make the informed decision. We'll get the data out of the mud for you.
Pay Per Click marketing campaigns are dynamic cost effective ways to increase your business with a budget. The only catch is they're a little complicated. That's why we hold the fort down for you so you can focus on your business with out distractions. With constant monitoring and fast response times, we provide a pain free experience which empowers you and your business. Contact us to find out more about this service.
Social Media Marketing helps you reach potential clients within your already established client networks. It has become a powerful inexpensive way for businesses to grow and have higher ROI's do to the nature of social behavior. Let Us help you implement and manage these campaigns for you!

Contact us today and let's find out how we can help you reach your goals.