Responsive Technology

With an ever increasing number of tablet and smartphone users, not catering to them can bring down your business. Rue Du Marais specializes in building websites with responsive technology which allows users to make the most of their visit to your site, regardless of what device they are using. 

What is 'Responsive Technology'?

A 'Responsive' website is capable of readjusting it's layout and size according to the size of the device it's being watched on, and does this automatically and instantly. In fact, if you are viewing this on a tablet or smartphone, simply turn your device to vertical/horizontal view (depending on which you are on currently) and you will see a live example of what this means. 


With the various layouts and screen sizes in today's vast mobile device world, one single layout cannot accommodate to all. We're talking iPads, iPhones, Google and Windows phones, Kindle, Nexus and many more. All with different variations. Responsive technology allows your website to be seen in the best possible layout on any screen. Without loosing content or navigation properties. 


Have you ever viewed a normal website on your smartphone and tried to navigate on it? touching the right button or link? The skills it takes are almost worthy of a game like Fruit Ninja! With our responsive websites, your users will not have to deal with that. They'll have perfectly well proportioned view of text and link so their experience is smooth and pleasant. This enables them to navigate quickly and find what they need. So don't lose a client ever again because they could not get to what they needed while they were 'on the go' or away from a computer. 

We at Rue Du Marais implement responsive technology because we understand that the online market is ever changing and more and more people of all demographics are turning to mobile devices. Even more with Microsoft's push into the tablet market and their new line of software which is now compatible with touch screens even on desktops. Not implementing this technology would be like transmitting TV signals in standard 4:3 definition. 

So don't fall behind. Allow your users and potential clients to navigate through your website with ease. Contact us to find out more on implementing this technology into your new website!